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About Kings Oil Tools

"Second to None" Oil Well Servicing Company since 1982

Kings Oil Tools, Inc. was established in San Ardo in 1982. Down-hole experience and the convenience of a “One Stop Shop” providing complete oil well service in close proximity to the customers locations are the cornerstones for Kings Oil Tools success in the industry. This same convenience and experience was brought to the Bakersfield/McKittrick/Derby Acres area in 1984, to the Coalinga area in 2003, and Taft Area in 2014, in an effort to extend and diversify the services we provide.

The foundation of Kings Oil Tools is built on integrity, that combined with quality personnel offering hundreds of years of combined experience; modern quality equipment; competitive pricing; excellent service; and our scrupulous attention to safety has kept Kings Oil Tools a strong competitor in the well service industry. Kings Oil Tools recognizes and readily adapts to the changing needs of our customers and maintains the “Customer Comes First” mentality.