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Oil Industry Safety

Kings Oil Tools views Safety as a core value that rests at the heart of our operations and parallels our business objectives. We don’t just say it, we live it and continually strive to improve it. This Kings Oil Tools fundamental characteristic is driven by our profound commitment to day to day focus on safety and a continuous pro-active approach to achieving the goal of an Incident Free Operation. We extend this to every employee in every division. Through our Stop Work Authority policy, each employee is empowered and responsible for ensuring that every task is performed safely. Additionally, our Behavior Based Safety (BBS) program helps our workforce identify learning opportunities to convert inadvertent high risk behaviors into safe work practices thus assisting employees to achieve a more beneficial work environment.

Through ongoing training that is kept at the forefront of our safety improvement program, Kings Oil Tools takes a proactive approach towards continuous operational safe work practices development. We believe that by providing safety focused educational opportunities to our employees through extensive curricula, coaching processes, day-to-day interaction, and safety-based coaching and audit teams, we will strengthen our ability to be the safest well serving company, sustaining organic growth and continue as a viable competitive option in the well service industry for the Central California oil production market.