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Fishing Tools/Special Services

As one of California’s largest suppliers of both Fishing Tools and Well Service Tools, we have the expertise to run a fully stocked, comprehensive line of Fishing Tools to fit any down hole fishing need, from Rod Fishing Tools to Drilling Strings. Kings Oil Tools has the experience to offer solutions to many of the complicated situations oil producers are faced with, and over the years has assisted customers with repairing damaged well bores and retrieving lost equipment.

Kings Oil Tools also offers a comprehensive line of Special Services to support any well servicing company. Kings Oil Tools has the equipment and strength to be a single source supplier for our customers within the California market, equipment such as:

  • 2.5 – 80 ton power swivels
  • 3.5 – 120 ton power swivels
  • Triplex Circulating Pumps (production and work-over unitized pumps)
  • Trailer Mounted high pressure kill pumps
  • High and low volume Foam Units
  • Poly Tanks
  • A wide variety of Production Tools, Stimulation Tools and Well Service Tools